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A Rating Platform for Concerts

Using data to discover the next big artist, one rating at a time.


Emurse is a platform for rating and reviewing live concert performances using data analytics and crowd sourced information. The keyword here is platform. This means providing fans with crowd sourced information about concerts, finding the next legendary performer, promoting up and coming artists who have great performances, and contributing to  the ongoing improvement of the concert experience. These are functions that the platform will fulfill, but really they are outcomes of a widely used rating platform for concerts. Using various data mining techniques on the information we collect, we will match users with concerts they will most likely enjoy based on their ratings. Emurse will connect to ticket providers, venues, and festival promoters to give users and concert attendees the best experience possible.

The Challenge and Solution

The obvious challenge is that many people may think a service like this already exists, such as Songkick or Bandsintown. Emurse sets itself apart from other online concert platforms by delivering unique information to users. This unique information is the product of combining data from multiple external sources as well as generating organic data from fans. By combining data from social media, music streaming services, and fans’ ratings, Emurse will be able to deliver unique information to fans.

Emurse has a competitive advantage against platforms like Songkick and Bandsintown because those platforms are merely presenting existing information to users. Although there is some integration with other services (Bandsintown, Facebook/, Songkick, and Spotify), the insights that could be gathered through further integration and data mining are not being found by these services. In addition to integrating further, Emurse will collect its own data and add this to the data mining process.

By pushing integration of multiple different types of services (and therefore multiple different types of data), in addition to the organic data collected from fans, users can enjoy unique insights tailored to their personal taste.

The Process

As a musician and advocate of music of all genres, music has truly played a massive role in my life. The best way to experience the music you love is to attend a live concert. I have been attending live concerts and festivals since I was in 8th grade and I have always wanted a service where I could rate and review my experience and share with others. I not only wanted to review my experience, but I also wanted a platform where I could read about a particular upcoming concert from other users to decide if I really wanted to pay that extra cash for a ticket. I simply cannot emphasize how many times I have wasted money on attending a horrible concert. This service could have saved my wallet and even inform me on new, upcoming artists with fantastic live shows. Alas, I decided to team up with one of my fellow classmates and began working on developing the product.

Visualizing our Data and Research

The concert industry is striving. However, there is a vast amount of data that is not being collected that could be used to improve experiences for fans, maximize revenue for venues, and increase popularity for artists. 

Although the goal is to be a rating platform for all concerts, Emurse will initially focus on EDM (Electronic Dance Music). This is because EDM’s popularity is mostly due to its characteristically stunning concerts. EDM is not a fad or a trend; it’s here to stay and it’s only going to grow. Electric Daisy Festival, better known as Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, is an EDM-only festival  that brings fans from around the world to see the biggest acts in the EDM industry.

As one can notice, Coachella was the highest grossing festival by a long shot. Although it is not an EDM festival, some of the biggest acts at the festival were EDM performers. Some of these included Nero, Kaskade, and Porter Robinson.

Evidently, the most revenue that artists make throughout today’s generation is through their live concerts. Here, we can take a look at the highest grossing festivals worldwide of 2015 and notice that Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival generated a whopping 84.26 million dollars, just in front of Outside Lands and Stagecoach with over 20 million dollars in revenue.

While absolutely struck by these numbers, it was clear that Emurse could flourish through this market.

Designing the User Interface Design

Since there are a wide variety of music platform services available right now, I strove to create a familiar, yet still fresh interface that is both functional and visually appealing. The goal is to create a seamless transition between different platforms.

The color scheme represents a dark pattern and conveys the late-night essence of experiencing the nightlife of live music. Concert production is at its peak within a dark setting to completely immerse the viewer into the sea of lights, pyrotechnics, LED screens, and the performers themselves. I want the user to feel that experience while using Emurse.

What can you do with Emurse?

Find your Concert

Emurse first presents the user with a list of genre options to help locate their specific concert of choice. Once the genre is chosen, the user can then select from a list of artists within Emurse’s database. Each artist will have their own homepage where it will display their genre, number of star ratings, and number of favorites, which is represented by the Emurse logo. The user can then find their concert on the artist’s tour calendar and then leave a review on that specific concert.

Rate your Artist

What separates Emurse from other concert and music platforms is its dynamic rating platform. The app is able to evaluate every detailed aspect of the show pertaining to both the performer and the venue. The two pages include slider modules to rate each of these aspects on a scale of 1 to 10. These aspects include a variety of elements, from the sound quality, to the crowd atmosphere, and even the commute to the venue itself.

Want to be even more specific while rating each of these aspects? No problem! Emurse allows the user to select the white text box under each of the qualities and type in their experience with further detail. I designed this feature to give the users more freedom to really break down and describe their concert in a cohesive and detailed manner.

What’s the Venue like?

Skeptical about what the venue is like before buying tickets? See what other users are saying about it in the venues section of Emurse. Many concert goers will agree that the venue can definitely be a game changer when catching your favorite artist. We made sure to include a descriptive rating section for the venues around your area with current, reliable, crowd-sourced data.

Similar to the artist’s page, each venue has its own page including its star rating, favorites rating, past performers, and other general information. Just provide your location and we’ll locate the top venues around your area.

Share with your Friends

Since Emurse is a crowd-sourced data platform, the connection and communication between users is crucial to the app’s success. We decided to implement a Friends feature which displays a feed of the shows your friends have recently seen and rated. The user is able to view which artist they saw, the number of star ratings, the specific tour, venue, and the date of the concert. Each of these items are interactive and can direct the user to that specific page when clicked.

The user’s friends list can also be accessed through their profile page. This page displays the user’s picture, location, number of ratings, favorites, and friends. The page also displays the user’s favorite venue and a list of their most recent rated shows. Each of these shows the artist, date, location, and also a condensed list of the key ratings pertaining to that specific show. 

Knapp Center Chicago Inovation Challenge

The Competition Process

My partner and I decided to enter Emurse into the Knapp Center Chicago Innovation Challenge 2016. The competition is a four-stage competition designed to encourage and inspire students to think about creating products and applications that control physical things while also solving real-world consumer and/or business needs. The goal is for each competitor is to demonstrate their creativity and inventiveness at solving their desired problem with a fluid, dynamic end product.

Initially, Emurse was presented as a website for users to rate and review their favorite concerts. This image displays the first, mid-fi prototype of Emurse. Throughout our speculation on how users would use this app, we decided to make it mobile to encourage people to rate shows while they are at the concert or festival.

Although this mockup is incredibly rough and looks entirely different from our final product, it surely enlightened our future improvements and provided us with a strong guide on how to make the interface and functionality much more pleasing and practical to the user.

My partner (right side in the picture) and I were able to progress to the final round of the competition after presenting a 10 minue PowerPoint presentation displaying the app’s purpose, functionality, demographic, and business model. During the final round, we were instructed to develop an MVP of the user-interface, along with a more in-depth presentation highlighting Emurse’s strongest features and market revenue to the judges.

Emurse took 3rd place in the Knapp Center Chicago Innovation Challenge at the end of the final round. We were granted a check for 500 dollars, along with 6 weeks of free rent at the mHub Co-Working Space to continue developing and improving the app. We are currently working with our team of engineers and data scientists to improve Emurse’s construction for future investors throughout the area of Chicago.