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By Mark Kurlanksy

Mark Kurlansky’s, Salt, is a short novel discussing the importance and evolution of this common, rock-like substance found in every household. Throughout our assignment, we were instructed to read the novel and then design the book cover based on how we perceived the meaning of the story visually. To summarize a large chunk of the novel, the story explains how the Chinese and Egyptians heavily relied on this substance, for it was used to preserve their food, conserve their dead during mummifications, and even served as currency to exchange goods. 

I decided to portray my design as one of the ancient workers slowly deteriorating into grains of salt, flowing away into the wind. The worker’s figure is made up of salt to convey how heavily this grain impacted their lives, in which these ancient civilizations depended on salt to allow them to flourish throughout their harsh lifestyles. 

The following book covers were potential designs that I created that were also critiqued by my fellow classmates before settling with the top design.