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The application feature was designed during my Internship with Hyatt over the summer of 2017 in Chicago. Within the internship program, all interns were placed into 6 groups to compete for the 2017 Hyatt Intern Challenge. The challenge goal was simple: Develop an idea to help Hyatt compete with other hotels. The groups were divided randomly among all of the interns, which included a great diversity of positions, such as marketing, finance and IT. Being the only UX intern within my group, and also the entire internship program, I decided to take on the team lead and proposed that we develop a new feature within the existing World of Hyatt mobile application. 

The Problem

During my time interning, I noticed that the mobile Hyatt application already consisted of practically every feature that is found in any other hotel mobile application. I sat down with two of my group members, who were interning as social media coordinators, and brought to my attention some interesting feedback from Hyatt’s housekeeping services.

The Twitter screenshots above were just a few of many complaints made by past guests who experienced problems or inconveniences from housekeeping services. Our research showed that many guests were experiencing problems where their days spent relaxing were constantly interrupted by housekeeping services. There was no way to essentially track or monitor when a guest’s room was finished being serviced. 

On the contrary, the social media coordinator interns also found some fascinating FaceBook posts that gratified Hyatt’s housekeeping services by fulfilling a fun request by a past guest. Hyatt’s brand is to emphasize that their employees truly do care about their guests and wish to help and fulfill and request they have. The screenshot above showed us that there needs to be a stronger connection between the guests and the people who are taking care of their rooms. 

The Solution:

Develop a feature for users to track and monitor housekeeping services using the existing Hyatt mobile application.

The Process

Since I was already working closely with the mobile team, I was able to schedule meetings with my fellow coworkers and also the Product Owner and Head of IT to receive feedback on the idea. Once our idea was confirmed, it was time to begin sketching out the interface and interactions of the feature. 

Final Deliverable

Checking In 

To begin the housekeeping services feature, the user must be a World of Hyatt member and logged into their account on the mobile app. The user is presented with the Staycard on the main homescreen where they are able to select “Check In.” The user is then able to select their desired time of check in and also their desired form of payment.

Drink Promotion Iniative

While meeting with Product Owner and Head of IT, they mentioned some good points regarding the iniative to use this feature of the application. We decided to come up with a drink promotion to attract users to the app. By leaving the Do Not Disturb button active all day, the guest will receive a notification that will allow them to redeem a complimentary beverage at the location’s bar. By implementing this feature, we are aiming to cut down a housekeeping service for that specific guest, which will ultimately lead to increasing Hyatt’s budget for less maintenance work done within the hotel. 

Setting Up Housekeeping Services

The housekeeping services feature can be setup in the app’s settings. Here, the user will find “Housekeeping Service.” When the user selects this setting, they will be taking to the Housekeeping screen where they can set turn on the Do Not Disturb button or track housekeeping. When the user turns on the button, they are presented to the Do Not Disturb screen. Here, the user can set a window time for when the housekeeping services should come. If the user selects “All Day,” then they will receive a pop message reminding them that if they keep their Do Not Disturb active all day, they will receive the complimentary drink. 

Track Housekeeping

After the setup is complete, the user may go about their day at the hotel. They will then receive a notification informing them that housekeeping is currently on the way to their room. Once the user opens the application, they will be presented with a message that states, “Housekeeping is on the way,” underneath their Staycard. By tapping the “Track” button, they will be presented with a pop-up screen that displays the timer, providing the user a visual progress timer for their housekeeping status. The screen also displays who exactly is cleaning the room. By tapping on the profile underneath the timer, the user can learn about the housekeeper’s profile.

Rate & Tip Housekeeping

Since user feedback is key to the Hyatt company, we wanted to implement a way for guests to rate and tip their housekeeping service. After the housekeeper has finished their service in a room, the user will be notified and will have the ability to rate and tip their performance. The guest will recieve a notification informing them that their room has been finished clean. By tapping “View,” they will be welcomed with the finished timeline screen and allow them to rate and tip. By tapping “Rate & Tip,” they will be able to provide a star rating and also leave a comment for the housekeeper. After they have left their rating, they can then leave a tip. The guest will have an option to either tip using their credit card on file, or from their World of Hyatt points, which is displayed on the screen. Once the user finishes this interaction, they will have completed the housekeeping innovation feature. 

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My team and I won first place for the 2017 Hyatt Intern Challenge with our application idea and presentation. The following week, we were asked to present our idea to the Head of IT of Hyatt, along with other IT employees who are currently working on the backend of the current app. They loved our idea and presentation so the housekeeping feature is currently being implemented into the existing application.